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Featured Work: Floorlamp

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Each new project has it`s own set of circumstances and demands a new design solution. A consultation with the client to discuss these parameters is the first step; all client input is welcomed and when convinced that this is the right studio for the job, the client pays a drawing retainer. If possible, a trip to the site is next, then scaled drawings, renderings, and even 3-D models are developed when appropriate. A presentation including these, a pallet of the glass samples, and a cost estimate is then reviewed by the client. Upon approval, one half the price is paid as a deposit; the second half paid upon completion.

Painted and stained leaded glass restoration work involves solving the mystery of what glass/stain combination was originally used as well as imitating the style and technique of the original. In the best of these challenging jobs, the client cannot tell which pieces were replaced.

Curved, Slumped, and Sagged glass duplication is another special service offered. The studio kiln can handle glass sized up to 30 by 36 inches. Most "bubble glass" cabinet doors, those which have had a single piece of glass sagged to bump out between the wooden mullions, fit within these dimensions. Curved panel lampshades and lanterns can have replacement panels reproduced from molds cast from intact pieces. If there is no original glass, patterns can be made to the specifications.

We offer Antique Glass Restoration!
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Substantial Lion Glass Studio, LTD.
Artists: Doug & Pamela West Mayer
109 Lion Walk - Marble Hill, GA 30148
Phone/Fax: 706-265-3075

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