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Church Window Project

The Childrens` Window Holy Trinity Parish, Decatur, GA
This project takes its theme from the fable of King Edwin of Northumbria in the seventh century when Christianity first came to the British Isles. Asking advice of his councilor, King Edwin was told that none of the current religions addressed questions of what comes before and after our lives here on earth, and since the brief time of our lives was like the sparrow who flies into the warmth of the castle for a moment and then flies back out another window into the dark, cold, stormy night, the new religion should have a chance to become established.

Beyond expressing the life and death cycle for a child to comprehend, we also wanted to involve the children in the creation of the window. Groups of different age children and youth came to the studio to draw, cut, and assemble the 4" diameter "faces" that make up the map of the world. After fusing them in the kiln, they were leaded into place.

We were delighted with their results and the kids had a fun adventure.

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