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``Where It's At``


``Mermaid`` (Detail)


Detail from the donor portraits of ``Charlie and Nadine Baum``

``Heron and Trout``

``Decco`` shower doorway

``Decco`` shower doorway (detail)


``Trumpeter Swans``

``Koi and Lotus`` tub window


Art Devlin

``Water Nymph``  tub window

``Water Nymph``  shower door

``Rain`` shower enclosure

``Rain`` shower enclosure (detail)


``Gibson Girl``

``Past, Present, Future`` double doors

Etched Horses

``Lotus Pond`` tub window


``Tree of the East``

``Sun God``

``Take Off``


``Take Off`` (detail)


``Netted Fish``

``The Lion, the Hart, and the Viper``

Seedlings to Sunflowers

Oval Roses

``Resurrection`` window

``Eschatology``window (detail)


``The Lord's Prayer`` (detail)

``The Apostles' Creed``

The Lord's Prayer (detail)

``The Women's Window``

``The Women's Window`` (detail)

``Psalm 90,`` `` Psalm 121``

Parable Windows

The Children's Window


The Children's Window (detail)

Washington  at Yorktown

Washington  Crossing the Deleware

Gazebo Room Lighting

``Fred and Ginger``

Home theater lighting


``Amber Waves of Grain``


``Indian Princess``

``Floating Napkins``

Dome  chandelier

Smilas Vine Light

``Float on the Wind``

``Float on the Wind`` (detail)

``Wheels and Wings``


Kitchen Backsplash

The Children's Window

The Children's Window (detail)

The Children's Window (detail)

HTCW Church Window Workshop 2

HTCW Church Window Workshop 1

HTCW Church Window Workshop 3

HTCW Church Window Workshop 5


HTCW Church Window Workshop 7

HTCW Church Window Workshop 4

HTCW Church Window Workshop 6

``Two Steps Forward, One Step Back``

``Amber Waves of Grain`` (detail)


``Float on the Wind``

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Substantial Lion Glass Studio, LTD.
Artists: Doug & Pamela West Mayer
109 Lion Walk - Marble Hill, GA 30148
Phone/Fax: 706-265-3075

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