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Featured Work: ``Decco`` shower doorway

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Our Mission Statement:........................................ "Each new project will be the best ever."
Together, Doug Mayer and Pamela West Mayer form the Substantial Lion. Leaded and kilnworked glass is crafted by Doug while etched and carved glass is produced by Pam. As the studio designer, Pam begins each commission by learning about the space in which the piece will be installed. This includes studying the architecture, the use of the space, and the ideas and personalities of the people who will inhabit the space. From this basis, the drawing begins and as design ideas evolve, the artistic statement of the piece manifests itself.
"Two Steps Forward, One Step Back"
Pam studied drawing and painting at Georgia State University from 1966 to 1970 under Joe Perrin, Medford Johnston, Jim Sitton, and Alan Tiegreen. This background as well as the study of technique under Will McDaniel of Tallahassee, Florida, and architectural glass design under Jochem Poensgen of West Germany form the basis of her present work.

"Don`t Sweat the Small Stuff"
Doug graduated from Purdue University in 1964 with a BS degree in Chemistry. He began working with glass in 1976, when after a basic techniques course, he was hired and trained in the restoration of architectural antique glass by an auction company. He still specializes in the repair and restoration of old glass as well as the fabrication of commissioned pieces. His experimental work with kiln-fired glass is usually three-dimensional.
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Substantial Lion Glass Studio, LTD.
Artists: Doug & Pamela West Mayer
109 Lion Walk - Marble Hill, GA 30148
Phone/Fax: 706-265-3075

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